What's the highest interest rate you currently have on a credit card?

5% to 10%
4% (38 votes)
10% to 15 %
2% (18 votes)
15% to 20%
3% (29 votes)
20% to 25%
4% (41 votes)
25% and up
86% (803 votes)
Total votes: 929

Over 30% Interest on Delinquent Credit Cards

I would like for someone to tell me why credit card companies can charge Iowans over 30% interest on deliquent credit cards? The bank that issued this card was US Bank heaquartered out of a Des Moines, Ia office. Does the IOWA Usury Law of 12% on consumer loans apply to credit cards?

Respond to 30% rate

Usury laws went out with the Reagan administration. Up until that point interest rates could not exceed 18% on credit cards. Credit cards have no protection to the consumer. Why in the world would our government allow this? Now as consumers we have been forced to live in a credit society. Why? One may ask themselves. If this government really wanted to protect the American Citizens they would start at capping credit cards not to exceed an interest rate of 18%. Talk about loan sharking! hmmmmm

How to Get Out of Debt in Five Steps

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